FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

VIPcash.org is a website owned by Rick Farias, it was created to empower people to make money online, by promoting the Exitus Elite  educational internet digital business offering 100% commission for people to make a part time or full time income from the comfort of an internet connection, a lap top, PC or Smart device. New products will be added in the near future. I am here to help you get started to a living a life of financial freedom you deserve.

Exitus Elite is a digital internet business, platform created by professional online marketers. Exitus Elite back end platform provides the fundamental step by step process to become a successful internet marketer and generate passive income. By joining you will learn marketing techniques and receive legal rights to re-sell the educational product for a lifetime. Exitus Elite offers different levels of education, like Ex. a University to get a Bachelor  degree, the difference is that here you make money faster and without seeking for emplyment and have to work a 9-5 or more hrs jobs.  Exitus Elite is faster and easier, you can  learn quick and start selling within days of joining and make 100% commission on product sales. 

Most people start an online business around their current jobs. I generally suggest that this is the best way to do it because it allows to have an income while building the right foundations for a new business.

That depends entirely on each individual person. Just as you go to the gym or learn to play a game, the results are different for each individual. It depends on how focused and committed you are, how much time you invest, how important it is for you, how quickly you learn. Ask your self, if making a part time or full time income is important to you will you ever stop creating your time and financial freedom? My mindset when I started was that no matter how long it took, and no matter what I had to do, I was prepared to go on until I was successful.

Take the time to go through the introductory module and you’ll be surprised to find that you’ll find the time once you get going, Another alternative is to order my ADD-ON services and we will handle the entire set up and basic marketing for you. Exitus Elite will do the closing for you at a 20% commission rate deducted from the 100% comissions, you will stil make 80% paid to you, all automated system.  

While results are not guaranteed, this program is designed to be step-by-step and assumes you haven’t built a successful online business before. It’s also resulted in thousands of members making their first ever sale online. Me included! So it works,

However, if you’ve got a business already, you can note this in your application and a consultant will then recommend the best learning path for you based on your personal goals with your existing business.

The system has both because you need both to have a breakthrough in your online marketing and sales. This education will teach you the theory and practical knowledge so you completely understand it, but you’ll get more than just the theory.

You’ll also be guided through steps that will help you apply your education to your business. If you haven’t got an existing business, you’ll be walked through the process, so you can start making sales and commissions right away.

You will learn the most powerful selling system for marketing and selling almost any product or service online. The best part? It involves zero cold calling and no pushy or sleazy sales tactics, and once set up, it never sleeps. True story! It works 24/7, 365!

No. Pyramid schemes are illegal and they usually collapse after a short amount of time since they are not sustainable in the long run. In pyramid schemes you are paid only for recruiting new people into the scheme without there being a product to sell.

The VIPcash.org and Exitus Elite is an education and online training system that provides educational products and training that have a real value for selling purposes so you do nto need ot look for other products to sell.   Exitus Elite has thousands of successful business people making alot of cash and has been running successfully for over 10 years.

You can access the trainings anytime, from anywhere and for as long as the training is left up within the platform, which will be many, many years. Once you register, you’ll be able to use this resource over and over for years to come and sell forever.

There is no refund policy for Exitus Elite and ADD-ONS of VIPcash, we are so sure that your investment and sales will progress over time so we have decided that you will make money one or another way, unless you totally abandon the product, there is no reason for you to not make cash, on the other hand, you can re sell your entire account like selling any other asset to another person, should you decide that you do nto want to make money. Exitus Elite is worth it! It’s also just one click from your dashboard to start generating stream of income. 

In terms of completing, consider this as a continuous journey rather than a “course”. It’s about learning to become an entrepreneur and changing your entire mindset. The training is ongoing, so there is not really a specific moment you have completed the training. However, you can always let us do the set up and sales for you for a ADD-ON fee and/or grant 20% out of the 100% comission you have the right for, you will stil be making 80%, this deal is a fantastic opportunity.

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